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Centrica Offers Home Solutions to Keep A Watchful Eye for Consumers


Media coverage of “the smart home” usually focuses on the flashy surface gadgetry of speakers, security surveillance, and consumer electronics. But making a house truly intelligent also requires an underlying infrastructure of processes that keep the smart home running – things like maintenance or utilities monitoring, and plumbing. Centrica is implementing a range of remote diagnostics solutions for smart home monitoring and maintenance – and taking a broader strategic approach to address the energy needs of the nation as a whole.

How Lockheed Martin Uses AI and IoT for Predictive Maintenance of Aircraft


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have already delivered value and displayed their potential for predictive analytics applications in manufacturing, a sector that’s becoming increasingly reliant on the technology and data of the Internet of Things (IoT). Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin has been leading the way in the aviation sector, with an AI and IoT powered system that’s revolutionising aircraft maintenance.

Ford Strives for 100% Uptime for Commercial Vehicles with Predictive Usage-Based Maintenance Solution


Commercial vehicle downtime is costing UK businesses a whopping £2.4 billion annually. Read on to find out how Ford are combatting this with a predictive usage-based maintenance solution.